Owners , trust an expert for the rental management of your property atMarrakesh. With 20 years of experience, Immo Sahajar Marrakech takes care of everything for you.

You own a Riad, a villa, an apartment, furnished or unfurnished, in Marrakech or in the outskirts, entrust us with the management of your property, for long or short term rent, to a private client with good guarantees.

Discover rental management on demand

► Permanent monitoring and saving time while avoiding the hassle:

Our trained team in rental management, on the ground and administrative plans, offers you a comprehensive management of your property (administrative, legal and technical).

So avoid the hassle related to the daily management of your accommodation:

  • Preparation and enhancement of the house or apartment for rent
  • Registration formalities (long term lease or seasonal rental)
  • Inventory of the equipments and furniture
  • Recruitment of personnel (selection of profiles,payment of salaries and social charges)
  • Payment of expenses and taxes
  • Technical follow up of the installations
  • Rent receipts
  • Relations with your tenants for the seasonal renting (management of the meals, reservations of trips, excursions, touristic visits, etc.)
  • Interventions in case of damage (for example, reports of water damage, insurance follow-up),
  • Relations with the trustee where applicable for apartments in residences, etc.

The enhancement of your property is part of our concerns.To do that, Sahajar is attentive to the presentation to allow the best reception of tenants (storage, cleanliness, maintenance, linen provided if necessary, etc.)

Sahajar is able to select the staff, trained and experienced, assigned to Riad or a villa (security guard, housekeeper, cooker, gardener, etc.) and also to ensure the reception of incoming customers (short or long durations).

► A Strict Selection Of Tenants

In order to control the outstanding payments and reduce the rent experience, Sahajar selects the best candidate profile according to strict criteria, require guarantees, to ensure the payment of your rent and rental charges, electricity, water, maintenance, service personnel, service providers etc.

► Custom Formulas

Sahajar proposes to you a classical rental management adapted to your needs.In all cases, consult us to establish an estimate according to the tasks to be performed.

► Optimum profitability of your assets

Being a landlord means also knowing how to sell or buy at the right time. Our advisors study with you the profitability of your property, its valuation and thus the period conducive to the arbitration of your assets.

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